Monday, August 5, 2013

A Bug's Life Bugs My Life

We were off camping in our little motor home and I was doing my best to enjoy the trip when I discovered three little ants and a behemoth one. I am not a very good camper to begin with, but I was really trying to be a happy one.  No scream left my mouth, but my face certainly reflected the displeasure I was feeling at their presence.

I'm not particularly hateful of bugs in general, but I prefer them pretty and not in my private living space.  I realize that a camping environment is a different situation and may be confusing to bugs and people as to who belongs where. Nonetheless, this development was unacceptable.

Squish, squish and squish and then one more for the disgustingly big one. I had committed mass murder with a sheet of bounty.  I was glad -- I would do it again if I must. Feeling triumphant, I rested in a false sense of security only briefly.

Where there are just a few ants, there must be more.  I was living in a tin can with a herd of ants, a band of behemoth insects. I groaned -- audibly.  Then, I started to itch. I spent the entire day and night itching and scratching. I showed myself no mercy. I didn't sleep the entire night. I kept a watchful eye out for those little segmented things.

We're home and I'm still scratching a bit, although I have yet to see another ant.  I must say I'm a little indignant that those 4 ants wielded so much power over me.  There is something just wrong about that distribution.

I decided to go outside and look around.  There must be something in my own little backyard that could balance out that power. There were things that could move my attention from one little thing of power to another.   I was quickly mesmerized by the jewel-like dragonfly basking in the sun on  my husband's car window,  I joined my hens in the sense of calm they have mastered as they go about their day, I marveled at the hypnotic bees as they enjoyed my bountiful crop of bee balm.  Such beautiful little things all around me and they all had such wonderful powers.
 "It's the little things that make me love you so."
                                           --Song by the Oak Ridge Boys

So many of the treasures and the joys in life are the little things. It's when my husband automatically takes my hand when we walk anywhere side by side, or when my grown daughter blows me a kiss just before she walks out the door, or the way my puppy's ear flop in an undignified yet adorable manner as she seeks my attention.  I could go on with a list of more than 100 things and actions that are just little -- but they make such a difference to my life and day.  It is the little things that have all the power.

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