Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farmgirl Karen

I grew up in Saginaw Township and didn't grow up knowing a lot about agriculture and related topics. I didn't know that beets actually grow with that deep red color -- I thought it was added later. I didn't know that a hen doesn't need a rooster to lay eggs -- they are only needed if you want to fertilize those eggs and have chicks.  I had a little garden and I thought it was miraculous. I did know that fresh food tasted better.

Growing up I shunned large urban areas. Big cities were okay to visit or drive through, okay and maybe to shop, but that was it.

I grew up making things -- I'd try any type of craft.  I'm still that way. My craft room is a disaster of creative possibilities. I found that I loved to can, make cheese, craft my own soap.  It seems that if I can make it, it is probably cheaper and perhaps even better. 

I had the chance to live in a farming community for a while.  I took to it like a pig to slop! I think there's a country song where the singer claims to be "as country as a turnip green." I am indeed a country girl.

It delights me to take something old and make it knew again or re purpose an item to something delightfully different.  There are things in life that are better done "the old way." I obviously have embraced the computer age but I still prefer a phone call or a letter, I like baking my own bread, and I will always prefer to read a real book.

I found a kindred spirit when I discovered a magazine called "Mary Jane's Farm." Mary Jane Butters combined all the things that I love and  managed to embrace it all in such a way that it doesn't lose its integrity and humanity. I hate to admit it, but I cried with excitement as I found that there were other women that felt the way I did about life. There were women all over the country that loved chickens, home made food, wanted to protect their environment, hoped to keep the old crafts alive and yearned for a sister hood.

There's a community of Farmgirl Sisters that cover the entire USA and a few in other places in the globe. Another like minded woman and I started our own local chapter in Michigan. Today those friendship are of great value to me.

As a part of joining the Farmgirl Sisterhood -- over 5,000 strong now -- and I was sister #411, you are able to access a variety of challenges under six or seven categories of life.  When one accomplishes the tasks under each category whether its beginner, intermediate, or expert -- you earn a badge!!  I love earning badges almost as much as I love trying different experiences. Right away I earned all the badges under writing and crocheting, but I will never go beyond the first badge in fiber spinning or horsemanship.  These badges push me to keep bettering myself and to love the next adventure.

For 2014, I have the honor of being the Farmgirl of the Year.  I'm not sure I have ever received such a wonderful honor. The funniest part of that is that I live in downtown Fenton, Michigan. I have two hens that give me fresh eggs, I grow most of my own herbs that go in my soaps, baked goods and other concoctions, and I continue to make all the things I possibly can. 

It doesn't matter where you live -- you can always be a Farmgirl.  If you go to Mary Jane's website you are sure to see an embroidered item or to that says, "Farmgirl is a Matter of the Heart." I am a Farmgirl no matter where I live and that is the lifestyle I'm best at.

Maybe you are a Farmgirl at Heart, too.

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  1. Beautifully said Karen, I feel the same way but do not have the words you do, thank you for saying it just right.
    Happy I found your blog through the MaryJanes Farm Heart Swap, happy we are partners and I really enjoy reading your blog!