Sunday, August 11, 2013

It Takes a Dog

Something large and black flew across US 23 as I was headed south to an appointment in Waterford, Michigan. Traffic was going 70 mph and then some. Almost every vehicle immediately slowed, we wanted to know what had happened.

That large black mass was a Labrador Retriever escaping from the back of a pick-up truck. The large dog lay in the grassy area at the side of the road.  Mickey had wanted to go to the bathroom, his owners said, so the three legged dog took off. and was hit by one of the passing cars.

He was conscious, his eyes were pleading. I had pulled over as soon as I saw it was a dog.  Five other drivers followed suit. We worked together fist assessing his wounds, lifting the 100 pound Mickey to get him on a board that was too small for his bulk, attempting to practice basic first aid, while keeping track of teeth that nip when pain is present. We got him into another motorists pick-up because we didn't want to try to haul Mickey across several lanes of traffic to place him in his owners' truck.  Mickey got quite the escort to the next exit where he would be reunited with his mom and dad and find veterinary care.

It was one of the moments where I just wanted to cry.  The tears came with layered meaning. I cried because I hurt for Mickey, those sad eyes broke my heart.  It's a good bet that I will never know if he survived the incident. I also wanted to cry because that three legged dog brought out the best in humanity and that makes me proud to be a human.  It seems like most days, especially if you listen to the news, we witness all the worst that people have to offer.  It's easy to give up hope and start just expecting that people are going to do the wrong thing.

Thanks Mickey, for letting us show that the kindness of humanity runs deep.

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  1. What a wonderful heartwarming story Karen. I would like to think Mickey survived because of all of you.